Genre doom metal, funeral doom, funeral doom metal, italian, stoner metal

There is more than one artist with this name:

1) Enoch is a funeral doom band from Milan, Italy. The roots of Enoch goes back in early 90s when Silvio (former member of italian cult act Ras Algethi, which released the demo-tape “Oblita Divinitas” and the CD “Oneiricon, The White Hypnotic” by Wounded Love Records.) founded "Blessed Be The Woods". Doom attitude, pagan heritages and female vocals where up to the band in veins of 3rd and the Mortal. Hard work ended with a promotional Cd that kicked some serious asses but was rejected by BBTW original label. Disregarded by fate Silvio, Lorenzo and Vanni gave life to Alkaid, unholy bergen-wannabe Black Metal, joined by Crown on guitars. They reharsed a lot and released a demotape.

After a very creative period, Silvio left Alkaid (starting his journey to the stars) giving birth to Albireo along with Leo. Lorenzo and Vanni also quit Alakaid, creating Hadith: Into The Pandemonium-oriented Black Metal, which released a promo-tape and encountered lotsa enthusiasm by US labels. The band jerked off too much and after a long and proliphic period, Lorenzo joined Silvio and Leo on their journey. Soon after Daniele was joined, giving birth to Enoch. Enoch used to play Doom-black Metal, with kinda influences from My Dying Bride, early Tiamat and all the early black metal scene. After a year of reharsal sessions, Enoch released their first demo-cdr (“Enuma Elish La Nabu Shamu”, engineered by Tom Pagotto, drummer of Italian cult brutal band Nefas) which sold-out 500 copies and got some good review, earning the presence on “Chariots Arrive Again VOL. 2”, a doom compilation by Foreshadow Prod. Featuring, featuring among the others Skepticism and Solicide.

Another reharsing year passed, in which Enoch saw their style grow, keeping in mind the mood and the message of the band. In summer 2004 Enoch entered the studio again, to release a 4-track promo CD, enginereed by Andrea “Grunt” who used to work with italian milestones such as Cultus Sanguine and earl Lacuna Coil. The result is a four track CD, mixing at their best all of Enoch roots: Death-doom of early 90s, mid-80s thrash riffing, english-like piano melodies, and first-wave Black Metal sounds.

2) Starting in 1999, Mirai Kawashima (of Sigh, Cut Throat and Necrophagia fame) started Enoch with fellow Necrophagia member, the ever Infamous Killjoy. Enoch is their not so metal side project which shows their appreciation for horror movies. Currently, they have only released the 2004 LP 'Graveyard Disturbances' which features 12 Ambient Darkwave tracks and a tribute to Sanity on CD-Rom video. The track La Chiesa Di Anime Perse was used in August Underground's Mordum, which featured Killjoy as a demented serial killer companion to the three main 'protagonists'.

3) Enoch is a rapper-producer who has made 4 beat tapes, an album and even formed in a group called Goat City and made 2 tapes called the Dharma Tapes.

Notable releases are Summer Sonnet: Instrumental Tape, Frostbite: Instrumental Tape, Sakura: Instrumental Tape and Without a Doubt

4) Enoch (David Newell) is one of the members and a producer for the Hip Hop Group "CYNE"


Top Tracks

Noir 1


Sunset Eyes 2

Sunset Eyes

Dreams Of Peace 3

Dreams Of Peace

Avenue 4


Super Mario Kart 5

Super Mario Kart

Clear Skies 6

Clear Skies

Trampoline 7


Scam Likely 8

Scam Likely

Dominion 9


Infinity 10


Top Albums

Dream of Peace
Dream of Peace
Frostbite: An Instrumental Tape
Frostbite: An Instrumental Tape
Sunset Eyes
Sunset Eyes


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