Ed Lover has some strong opinions about the recent controversies surrounding Diddy, among which is the belief that 50 Cent has gone too far in his trolling.

On an episode of his C’Mon Sonpodcast that was released Friday (March 29) and titled “Diddy Do It?”, the Hip Hop veteran said that Fif’s endless string of social media jokes at the mogul’s expense are uncalled for.

“[A]s much as I love 50, I think 50 is stepping over the line now. I really do,” Lover said. 

The DJ and former Yo! MTV Raps host admitted that “Funny is funny,” admitting that he too had recently told a Diddy joke about the Bad Boys boss’ former valet Fonzworth Bentley being quiet amid the escalating controversy. However, he believes that the G-Unit leader has been overdoing it of late.

“He’s kicking the shit out this n-gga while he’s down,” Lover said.

Listen to the segment at the 10:25 mark below:

During the same episode, Lover talked about other aspects of the 54-year-old’s situation as well. His overall take was in line with Uncle Luke’s opinion from late last month, suggesting that his troubles were the result of retaliation from liquor company Diageo, who severed ties with Diddy last year after he sued them for racial discrimination.

“I believe what I just saw Uncle Luke say earlier today: that this is a machine coming after this dude,” Lover said. “I think it’s Diageo. Diageo is fucking powerful.

He added: “Somebody that got some money are putting their foot in Puff’s ass.”

Uncle Luke introduced the same theory brought during an Instagram Live stream last month.

“When you get your billions, and they put you on a pedestal, that’s because they put you up on a pedestal,” he began. “They made you the guy. They place you on every network. They sold you to all y’all on here. […] They put you up on a pedestal because they need you. It’s like some pimp shit.”

He continued: “Your mama say, ‘Never bite the hand that feeds you,’ and so this is how the major corporations work. When you try to come after them.

“Now you put a lawsuit in. Bam! Fuck that shit, I’m suing their ass. I’m taking their company down […] This man cost that liquor company billions of dollars!”