The Griselda member took to Twitter on Thursday (June 3) to comment on all the commotion from the list. 

“I see a lot Rappers mad about that list and makin posts and issuing challenges,” Conway tweeted. “Listen the machine don’t duck NO reck… just @ me or Dm me and say u want smoke and u can get handled quick and clean (chris from the wire voice) and that’s goes for ANYBODY.” 

Conway went on further to say many of the rappers out now have been following the Griselda blueprint. But, according to the Machine, everyone had a different sound before their arrival. 

“Remember how these niggas music sounded before Griselda records came along??? Exactly I rest my case.” 

While the Hip Hop community continues to pick apart this list, fans may want to see these rappers go toe to toe with one another to prove their rap dominance. Jim Jones already issued the first challenge with his post on Instagram saying he’ll body anyone on that list in the booth. He also gave an idea for everyone on the list to make money. 


“I didn’t make this list but tell @bdottm the list is cute I’m a start chopping this list down one by one lol,” Jones wrote in the caption. “Matters fact put me in th booth wit anyone of these artist and let’s do it live see who’s left standing. Thats how we can really settle this shit like th westerns shoot th booth up.”

He continued, “Makin music is fun till u gotta go head to head I love competition. Anybody wanna rump let me know besides th competition we can make a serious bag turn this into a NFT and everybody walk away wit a bag like a @floydmayweather fight. Yal let me know if any of these artist accept th challenge I’m ready.”