E-40 isn’t amused by those who confuse him for his contemporaries as he expects fans of Hip Hop to brush up on their general knowledge of the culture.

On Saturday (July 6), an unidentified person approached the Bay Area legend with his smartphone camera on and addressed him as Fat Joe.

“Fat Joe? Yeah, I was just with him,” the 56-year-old MC responded, most likely in reference to sharing the stage with his peer at a Joe Biden rally in North Carolina last month.

When the hyphy pioneer realized that the individual talking to him had mistaken him for the Terror Squad boss, he said: “You a comedian […] That was childish, right? Come on man, when was you born? 2024?”

As he walked away, he said: “Do your homework.”

Whereas the interaction wasn’t clearly branded a troll job, it does come across as one.

The “Tell Me Where To Go” hitmaker and Joey Crack made an appearance in Raleigh alongside the incumbent Preside of the United States and First Lady Jill Biden in late June.

A day after the 81-year-old Democrat debated Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential election, the two rappers performed at an event for the Biden campaign.

Earlier this year, Fat Joe and Kamala Harris got together to discuss the legal repercussions of marijuana possession. In mid-March, the rapper moderated a closed-door meeting with the vice president, Kentucky governor Andy Beshear and a number of people who have been pardoned for previous weed-related convictions.

“This issue is stark when one considers the fact that on the schedule currently marijuana is considered as dangerous as heroin,” Harris said during the public-facing part of the event. “Marijuana is considered as dangerous as heroin and more dangerous than fentanyl, which is absurd. Not to mention patently unfair.”

About the discussion, the New York icon told the press: “When the vice president calls me, I stop everything.”