Fat Joe has joined the chorus of people who have shown support for Diddy amidst his ongoing legal issues.

The Terror Squad leader sat down at Hot 97 on Friday (March 29), and shared his thoughts on the Bad Boy mogul’s struggles.

“What I can say in the most respectful way is, I don’t know all the details,” he said at the 7:45 mark. “But I’ve been praying for him and his family. He’s my friend for 30 years. And so, I’m gonna just see what the outcome is, and I’m praying for the best thing for him, and his family, and everybody involved.”

He continued: “So I’m not disrespecting nobody. I’m just praying for this whole situation — this whole nightmare — I’m praying that it goes away.”Fat Joe Diddy Hot 97

Fat Joe is just the latest Hip Hop luminary to speak about Diddy, who is facing a myriad of sexual assault allegations.

In a new sitdown on The Baller Alert Show, Maino drew some historical parallels, but not before making fun of one of the Bad Boy head honcho’s accusers, producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones.

“You got some dude named Lil Rod,” Maino began. “First of all, there should be a fucking pause on his name. The n-gga’s name [is] Lil Rod? That’s pause.”

Maino went on to compare the numerous lawsuits accusing Diddy of sexual assault — as well as an ongoing reported federal sex trafficking investigation against the mogul, — to the FBI’s COINTELPRO (COunterINTELligence PROgram), which targeted organizations it viewed as subversive, including the Black Panther Party.

Maino said that he saw similar dynamics in the complaints and investigation against Diddy, drawing parallels to the Bureau’s “snitch jacketing” technique of falsely labeling a member of a targeted group as a police informant.

“[I]f you know anything about the ’60s and what they did with Black leadership and all that, these were some of the tactics,” Maino said. “To destroy you, basically they divide and conquer.

“COINTELPRO, what they would do was, they would put out misinformation. Have us looking at each other. They sending out letters and sending out things saying, this one talking about that one, this one got caught doing this. And it keeps us disorganized. Also, propaganda, which is fueled through the media, is a tool that’s always been used.”