Keefe D will have to wait a bit longer to learn if he will be able to be released on bond after being accused of 2Pac‘s murder.

According to a report from the AP, Clark County District Court Judge Carli Kierny decided at a hearing on Tuesday (June 25) that she will delay the decision about whether to approve Keefe’s $750,000 bond, which the accused killer said late last week that he’d gathered the resources to pay.

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“I don’t really see where the money is coming from,” Judge Kierny said. She announced that her decision about whether the suspect would be freed pending trial would happen after she finishes looking at financial records.

One issue is the involvement of controversial manager Cash “Wack 100” Jones, who claimed on Instagram on Sunday (June 23) that he “finalized” Keefe D’s bond.

Jones reportedly paid over $100,000 to secure a New Jersey-based insurance company to cover the remainder of the cost of the bond. At the hearing, Jones claimed that his contribution was a “gift.”

Prosecutors had a different explanation, saying that the manager only paid in order to secure an interview with the accused killer.

“I…don’t find the defense has met the burden … to show that the bail is not connected to [Keefe] ultimately talking about Mr. Shakur’s murder, and any evidence to contrary is not credible,” the judge said.

Jones did admit to wanting to interview Keefe, but said he planned on doing it after the suspect’s trial, which is scheduled to begin in November.

Judge Kierny has not set a timetable for her decision about the bond.

Keefe’s attorneys submitted their request for house arrest back in January.

They also said that he will not flee prior to the trial.

This followed a previous request for leniency for their client made at the end of last year — one that was denied after Keefe was deemed “too dangerous” for bail.

According to documents obtained by TMZ in December 2023, the state of Nevada pushed back on Keefe’s request to be released from custody on his own recognizance.