Lil Lonzo says Sorry

June 17, 2022

Lil Lonzo is a 22 year old artist from Central Falls, Rhode Island. He's created his unique sound targeting a demographic from his upbringing and other artists who have inspired him. The artist describes his sound as strictly a sound for the streets; the stories of people in poverty, gang culture and love and hate and to be a relatable voice to the people affected by this day to day. He reiterates this in his latest album Sorry 4 the W8.

The young rapper was heavily inspire by 80's, 90's hip hop and has dreams to make it out of Rhode Island and to be successful enough to give back to his community and be the main source of change in Rhode Island. With a whole team behind this artist pushing and believing in him, he has nothing but high expectations to live up to. With new EP's and mixtapes to be flooded out this summer it's clear those expectations will be exceeded.


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