Paperwork On The Way’ Against Artists Who’ve Used His Songs

November 20, 2023

Boosie Badazz has kept receipts of artists who have used his music in one way or another as part of their records, and he’s looking to cash in soon.

The Baton Rouge native was hanging on Instagram Live over the weekend when a fan brought up Rod Wave’s “Long Journey,” which interpolates the hook from Boosie and Webbie’s 2010 track of the same name.

Boosie claimed he’s going to be taking legal action in some form against artists who have sampled or interpolated his work without his permission, and he implied that Rod’s name may be on that list.

“Rod Wave ain’t the only one. Y’all better do y’all research. I done got paperwork on the way. Lot of people, it ain’t just Rod Wave,” he said.

Boosie said that he “ain’t mad” that the lyrical borrowings were happening.

“I love when they do that shit. They be giving my flowers,” he said. “I be liking that shit when I hear it. It’s just, you gotta compensate me too. It’s a business.”

He went on to say that he expected to get a writing credit and a share of the publishing on songs that use his words — something that is a recommended practice among many of the pros.

“[T]here’s gotta be respect when someone re-says a line — maybe it’s three or four words — that came from a specific song, because that affected them,” sample-clearance professional Deborah Mannis-Gardner told Okayplayer.

“There’s a reason they used it. My response usually is, well, if you chose those words for a reason and you know what song it came from, then why shouldn’t it be copyrightable? …  It’s an homage to that song, so you should pay for it and respect it and clear it.”

Watch Boosie’s clip below.

Boosie Badazz has had plenty of legal trouble in the past when it comes to the music business. He railed against Empire Records earlier this year over issues with his former artist Yung Bleu.




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