ScHoolboy Q has made it clear that Black Hippy fans will not ever get a new album from the collective, as the MC made it clear that they were all doing their own thing.

The flagship TDE artist appeared on an episode of The Danny Brown Show that went live on Friday (April 12), during which he was asked if he still doesn’t see himself reuniting with his fellow Black Hippy compatriots.

“I’m not making no Black Hippy shit,” he responded beginning at the 38:40 mark. “Hell no. I’ll never do that shit. ”

When Brown pressed, asking if he would consider doing it “for the culture,” Q snapped back: “Fuck the culture. Ain’t no culture. What is the culture? What is rap culture? What is the fucking rap culture?”

On a more serious note, he continued: “I think we’re all kind of on our separate paths right now. Dot is doing his own thing with pgLang. I’m doing my own thing, curating a new artist. I did that part already, I gotta have this second part ’cause I got like 18 more albums to make.

“So it’s like I’m tryna figure out this phase before I get to the third phase. And Ab-Soul, he’s working, Jay Rock‘s working. I just don’t see where we’ll ever have time to.

This is far from the first time that Schoolboy Q has said that fans would never get a Black Hippy reunion album.

Back in 2017, during an appearance on Ab-Soul’s YMF tour, he mentioned his album was next “by any means” following the release of SZA’s debut CTRL.

However, while speaking with Montreality, he talked about plans for his follow-up to 2016’s Blank Face LP and why his fans shouldn’t count on a Black Hippy project anytime soon.

“I’m already working on my next album,” Q said. “The chances of us getting into the studio together and working on Black Hippy is slim. There’s too much going on … I’m with it though. I wanna do it.”

ScHoolboy explained all members — Q, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock and Ab-Soul — have tunnel vision with their individual projects. The last single all four hopped on together was 2015’s “Vice City” from Jay Rock’s 90059 album.

“Y’all been asking that question now for four years,” ScHoolboy said with a chuckle. “I don’t know man. I’m already working on the next joint already. I’ve already been working on the next joint. Just like I don’t see the time. People don’t understand is that when you’re working on an album, you’re getting into a groove. It’s hard to stop that groove, that zone you’re in or that vision you have to jump on a whole new thing and restart from a blank sheet basically.”

“Every rapper that ever came to TDE that we was getting ready to fuck with, they always exit themselves out because they weren’t humble enough,” he said. “It was a lotta L.A. artists that could’ve been signed to TDE.”

He also spoke on how 50 Cent inspired him to become a rapper.

“I hated on Get Rich Or Die Tryin,” said ScHoolboy. “I was hating on 50 ’cause I was so much into Nas. Once I got over that hate stage, 50 became one of my biggest inspirations to rap. If it wasn’t for him no telling what I’d be doing.”