The singer and actor, who is no stranger to drama, was performing in Georgia this past weekend when a security guard came on stage and whispered something in his ear.

Shortly afterwards, the Fast & Furious star jumped off the stage and headed towards the exit while telling the crowd he loves them.

According to TMZ, Tyrese had several songs left in his set when he received word that a process server was at the venue to give him legal papers on behalf of music video director Bryan Barber, who is suing the singer for defamation and libel.

Last year, Barber — who is best known for his work with OutKast — filed a lawsuit against Tyrese after the singer appeared on The Breakfast Club and claimed the director was holding some footage hostage.

Barber took issue with the comment and felt it damaged his reputation, and subsequently filed the $10 million lawsuit.

Tyrese has been facing a myriad of legal issues in recent months relating to his ex-wife and child support payments.

The singer’s ex-wife Samantha Lee claimed that he should be found in contempt of court for refusing to pay his $10,000 monthly child support.

“The years in which he films [a Fast & Furious] franchise movie, his income is the highest in those years,” his attorney argued. “In 2022, [Tyrese] filmed the franchise movie in question, and he has not filmed any segment in that franchise movie since 2022.

“Consequently, [Tyrese’s] income has fluctuated downward since the trial in this case, and as expected, [Tyrese] does not earn the same amount that he earned in August 2022.”

The 45-year-old has also accused his ex-wife of three years of being a gold digger, something she vehemently denied.

Lee said: “People know I make us a good amount of money. Why would I do that for money? No. I love this person, and there were just certain things that just didn’t work out.”