Doge Will EXPLODE to in 2021 | How Elon Musk Will LAUNCH Doge & Altcoin With 1000x Potential

February 22, 2021 - 37 views

A lot of people in the crypto community talk about Dogecoin like it is a joke. At first Id agree. But now after taking a slightly closer look into the news around it, im not so sure. In this video Il be covering the reasons why I dont sell Doge short, and how I think Elon Musks intervention could send Doge to $1 within 2021. My Full Crypto Trading Course????: My Personal Crypto Portfolio????: Free Crypto Discord Community Access????: Follow Us On Social Media ►Follow Craig Percoco Video Chapters: 0:00​ - Intro 1:30 - DOGE Fundamental Analysis 4:33​ - DOGE Technical Analysis 7:02 - HBAR Fundamental Analysis 9:14 - HBAR Technical Analysis 10:14 - Summary #dogecoin #cryptocurrencies #elonmusk


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