How To Find China Wholesale Suppliers And Get The Lowest Price

October 04, 2021 - 50 views

Take My Free Mini Course - In this video, I will teach you where to find China wholesale suppliers and what to expect when importing direct from Chinese factories. Topics 01:14 Canton Fair 03:22 Global Sources Tradeshow 05:05 Yiwu Wholesale Marketplace 06:29 What To Expect When Communicating With Asian Suppliers At A Tradeshow 10:18 The Main Benefit Of Going To A Live Tradeshow 11:19 China Wholesale Directories – Alibaba And Global Sources 13:12 The Main Difference Between Alibaba And Global Sources 13:44 14:58 China Wholesale Marketplaces – DHGate And AliExpress This is a 3 part video series Part 1/3 Where To Find China Wholesale Suppliers Part 2/3: What To Expect When Importing From China Part 3/3: How To Prepare Your First Shipment MY FREE ONLINE COURSES: ???? My FREE 6 Day Ecommerce Course - MY FULL ECOMMERCE COURSE: ???? Create A Profitable Online Store - ???? My weekly podcast - ???? Instagram - ???? Twitter -


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